love at midnight part 10

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i left you in your bedroom with a pair of eyes staring at you. if your really really want to know take my quiz. Personal shout outs to Emoangel, Pkiera75, Fufe123, PersonXD, 15jackie and to all the other :) im sorry if i didnt mention your names please dont get mad and send rabid panda bears at me. *yes, they are from Emoangel dont tell her :p.*

Created by: kia manson

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  1. You saw a pair of silver grey eyes. Your heart instantly started pounding in your chest. " Who are and how did you get in here?" you asked as you saw the steam from your bathroom rise. The man took a step forward you took a step back. You raised your hands as the man suddenly said "Go ahead run for the water, it doesnt matter Ill still kill you." You suddebly saw everyone bust through your door. Tryinan grabbed you, Broke your bay window and flew you down towards Arnold and Jacus. "Take her far away and dont let her off!"
  2. "Tryinan!" You yelled Tryinan looked back at you only for a second. Men had started coming out of the foresst and tried surronding you but Jacus had already began to fly you off the ground. "Jacus NO! we have to go back!" "Im sorry ____, I cant.""Jacus now!" "____ if we go back now theyll kill you. The others can handle themselves but not if the have to worry about you. _____, if you die so will our world." You put your head down knowing Jacus was right. "Do you think they will be safe?" "Yes and so does Arnold. Tryinan is talking to him through threre connection. Everyone will be alright." "Jacus, were are we going?" We have to relocate. So Arnold and me are looking for a place to stay for the night." "Jacus what about down by the lake I think there is a cave down there?"
  3. You had got closer to the lake when you saw Arnold staring into the lake. "Jacus can Italk to him, like I talk to you?" "Yes, you can." You walked over to him. "Your worried about her?" "Yes, just like you are." You heard the soft voice of him. "She will be fine. Even if I haven't know her as Tryinan, but she will always be Kami." You instantly saw the connection, Kamila was my real sister and she took her name. Jacus instantly swarmed your head. " She did so just in case you remembered her name." You smiled, you were thinking about everything Tryinan, Jason, Calvin, Tyson and Kevin had done for you. Your smile instantly was gone as you began thinking about them. "I cant believe I left them." Jacus had looked at you and layed on the ground. You layed by him as Jacus spreaded his wingover you. You saw Arnold layed on the otherside of you and spreaded his purple black wings. You heard Jacus "Goodnight ______, get some sleep we'll be moving in the morning." As soon as Jacus said that you past out. you began to dream about *******
  4. You awoke to the sound ofthunder. You streched relieazing you were in a soft bed with a pair of clothes sitting next you. You heard Tryinan and Jason talking when Calvin and Tyson popped through the door. You sprang out of bed so fast Calvin and Tyson didnt have time to prepare themselves. You jumped into Calvin and Tysons arms you would let them go. And to the sound of bodies hitting the floor Tryinan and Jason came running in you immediatly got up and hugged Tryinan so tight she turned blue. "sorry" was all you mumbeled because you turned to see Jasons whose eyes were soft and full You jumped up into his arms and kissed him. He just held you. You finally jumped down "Wheres Kevin?"
  5. You saw Jasons eyes look away. "Hes not dead is he?" Jasons eyes instantly looked up again. "No but he is injured." You looked up your eyes held tears but he instantly wiped the one that fell. "His leg is broke but it is healing. He'll be healed by tomorrow." You smiled but in that moment your stomached growled. Everyone laughed. You all headed downstairs. This place was nothing like the mansion. It was more humble. You saw the tulip painting in the marbled black kitchen. You saw the huge livingroom with a white couch. You noticed 55" television with a massive stero system. You looked at the bookself stacked with movies full of horror, comedy and relationship movies. You went back into the kitchen and saw Kevin walking with a crutch. You ran to him, you gave him just enough time to put the crutch down as you attacked him. You hugged him so tight you thought you broke his ribs. "Im sorry." He laughed and said "No worries, Im starving Tryinan. Will you make something?" Everyone laughed as Tryinan heard you stomache rumble. You told her what you wanted. As she handed you the plate you went to sit in the huge living room. Between mouthfuls of food you asked "So what happened after i was forced to leave?" Tryinan looked at you "Well ____, remember that man you saw in your room?" "Yes i do." "Well he left before we saw him."
  6. You looked at Tryinan and nodded you finally finished breakfast. When you noticied the large stables and a huge lake with a swimming pool. You instantly ran upstairs pulled on your clothes and headed outside you heard Jason follow you along with Calvin and Tyson. You turned around and tagged Tyson. "Your it!" You began to run towards the barn when Jacus came running open wings fully out. You run up to hm grabbed his beck on got on his back. he flew above to water where you saw Jason swimming to the ledge. You lifted your hands as you saw Jason rise high enough for him to climb on the Jacus. You felt his arms tighten around you. "Hey, Jason where are we?" You asked as Jacus flew higher as you watched Tyson transform it a Pegausus. Well that answered my question you thought. Jacus laughed as you heard Jason scream in your ear. "Were in a place that isnt real except to Non-magical people." You smiled and said ok. Finally Tyson caught up and tagged Jason who tagged you. You told Jacus to land and you jumped into the lake. You opened your eyes to see a passage way that lead from the house. You popped back up. "Hey guys, where does this tunnel lead?"
  7. All three guys jumped in as Tyson said "Its a secret passage way that leads all the way to The committe." "Why would we need it?" Jason explained "Just in cas some of us are injured. Its a teleport tube do you see where it ended." you nodded. "As soon as we punch the button were at the committe." You smiled. You heard Tryinan call you. "______, Jason, Calvin and Tyson come here!" You all got up and ran with everyone. You saw a newschannel on. You heard the woman say "Local teenagers _____ _____, Tyson Walker, Calvin Light, Kevin Stone Kami Jones and Jason Calvin arrived earlier today at Saint Jonus Morgue. Appearntly ______ _______ and her friends broke into a abandoned mansion that belonged to a woman named Emma Rodrigize. Whom has been desceased for over 50 Years. Where there was a roof collapse that left all 5 dead." You saw Tryinan shut it off. "To the world were dead so from now on we have to be careful espicially you _____"You thought "Great.....more bad news." Jason laughed.
  8. Finally Tryinan looked at you. "We'll start your training again today so next time when they come youll be ready." You nodded as Jason spoke "Ill train her first." Tryinans eyebrow rised a little bit. "Exactly for that reason, ______ doesnt know how to fight if they are a mind reader." You caught on. Jason just looked at you. He grabbed your hand as you followed him into a room that literally couldd have been a miniture jungle. Jason told you to look at him. "I want you to think on how your going to attack me and then im going to tel you ho to fool them." You began to think about hitting him in the chest and every where else finally Jason smiled and said "Ok now make you mind go blank and dont think about anything just do whatever it takes to make me move." You smiled just a little to big as you ran fully forward you began to kick left and right and began to use your powers you absorb a fireball Jason created. and concetrated on it "Dont think I know that your going to hit me with it." As soon as he said that you used your earth powers and made him move. You dropped the energy ball and ran up to him. Yo smiled and said "So now that i made you move, whats my prize." He laughed as he picked you up. "How about a kiss."
  9. Jason suddenly puts you down and walks over to the wall where he put his hand suddenly a rack full of swords popped out. "Now to tests your abilitly with agilaty and skill pick a sword." You looked at all of them as your hand reached out to pick a slender one with a chiness description Jason saw you looking at it. "It means the sword of destiny and justice. " You looked at him and smiled. He said something that made you turn and said "What?" "______, your destiny is to destroy your father. That sword you just picked up it belong to your mothers." "I have to kil my father?" "Only if your ready to. Its your choice _____, I know its hard believe me I wish it wasnt you but your the only one that can kill him." You ran out with out looking at him..... Yupp sorry im going to leave you hanging...
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