My GTQ shout outs 2

Hey GTQ, here's my second round of shout outs! You may not even remember my first ones, but anyways this is the second set. Why do I have to write a description for this?

Do you know your alphabet? How about your numbers? Multiplication Table? Addition and subtraction? How about division? Spelling? Reading? Are you a failure?

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. Daughter of Appolo(Is that how you spell it?), Innominate, Ardeo9999 and Fearless1111 for reading my latest series steadily, leaving comments that make me smile, and offering awesomely helpful suggestions.
  2. Rockerchick12 for being my friendie ;) (even though most of you don't know she is)
  3. IcyDesignns, you are very original and go through on your ideas even if people don't like them. That's awesome.
  4. The person that started that thread is Pshycology and Personality about stuff you know-I had fun posting the funny junk I knew on there.
  5. Mia, just wanted to say you are great, I'm really happy for you and Zane and i'm also pretty happy I guessed your other account LOL.
  6. AudreeForever, for chatting with me :)
  7. The guy who made that thread LOL sorry I don't really know the threads names but it was where you posted... Something in dating and relationships. I forget what it was, but I'ma go back and read it. Just wanted wanted to say thanks.
  8. SunflowerBri, you go girl, p.s. love your poem!
  9. And everybody else I know but forgot to mention, here's to you!
  10. Oh, and me. Just as epical as ever. You rock.

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