Icy's Talk Show Ft. Carrotop

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I have decided to make a talk show, just for the laughs. Our forst guest is Carrotop AKA Hailey. And in case you were wondering, no, I did not just make this all up.

Me and Carrotop actually did this in a thread in the Offbeat forum, I just copied and pasted it. I hope you guys laugh from this and maybe like it. Stay tunned for Icy's Talk Show Ft. Zane Is Here!

Created by: IcyDesignns

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  1. (Read the 1st 2 paragraphs before reading this) I hoped up on stage and the crowd cheered. "Ready? And, action!" Said the cameraman. "Hello there! This is Icy's Talk Show and I'm your host Icy!" I said. I sat down in my chair, "Today we have a very special guest, Carrotop! Carrotop, tell me, how does it feel to be on Icy's Talk Show?" I put the microphone near hear face.
  2. "It's an honor. Especially because your a great friend of mine." Carrotop, AKA Hailey, smiles.
  3. "Oh, what a great choice of words," I smiled, "Now, I've heard rumors that you are a male. Explain."
  4. "I am not a male. I'm a female. Everyone mistakens me as a boy because my name is also the name of a comedian. My username is Carrotop because i have red hair." Says Hailey.
  5. "Interesting...so your name is Hailey, I've heard. Who named you?" I ask. "C'mon! Speed it up!" Shouted the cameraman.
  6. "Quite cameraman, you aren't supposed to be talking!" Whispered Hailey, the crowd laughed, "I was named by my dad, after an actress I believe." She continued.
  7. "An actress? Cool! I was named after Kiara from the Lion King 2, must explain my good looks." I said, the crowd laughed once more. "So what does GTQ.com mean to you?" I asked.
  8. "GTQ like a second family. We stick together through the tears, joy, happiness, and loneliness. Everyone is there for you," Said Hailey. Just when I was about to say something I saw a naked girl run across the stage with a note on her back that says: Hi mom! Turns out that was Selena112, Carrotop's daughter.
  9. Then another man by the name of awesome89, or Tony, came on set and pooped in front of me. Hailey covered her eyes. "Security!" I yelled, they took him off stage. Then yet another guy by the name Zane Is Here comes in and says, "CARROTOP EATS LIVE BUNNIES!" The crowd gasped.
  10. Hailey got up and pushed Tony off the stage and sat back down. "Anyways...I have a few questions to ask you, If you don't mind, Hailey." I said "I don't mind." She replied.
  11. "Ok, describe your social life." "I'm very talkative and try not to hate." "Have you ever been in a relationship?" "Yes." "Describe it." "It was for 6 months. The we broke up. It wasn't working."
  12. "Oooo! That's gotta suck. Anything you want to say to your family on television?" I asked. "Hey mom, can you go by cake for tomorrow? Love ya mom." (Tomorrow is her bday!) The crowd laughed. "Time." Said the cameraman, Bob.
  13. "Ok, well I guess that's all for today. Thank you so much for coming Hailey, it was a wonderful time. Good night everyone, I'm gonna go crash on my couch. This is your host Icy, signing off." I said. Bob stopped the camera and gave me a high five. "Night" Said Hailey. "Bye"

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