Are you a show-off?

There are many show-offs in the world. Generally speaking, a show-off is someone who is awfully conceited to whatever they do and is very cocky and likes to brag about their talents or recent achievements. Show-offs come in different levels, high, medium and low. But of course, it won't be stated in the quiz of what level of a show-off you are.

Instead, it will state if you are a show-off or not. There are two results to this quiz to conclude. The first answer is "Yes", which means you are an awful bratty show-off. The second answer is "No", which means you aren't a show-off, you're more humble and modest, and people like you a lot better than show-offs.

Created by: kristine_192

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  1. You win an award for "Best Attendance", which your teacher hardly EVER gets to give out. What do you do?
  2. In PE, you come first place in a 200m race. You were the fastest and beat everyone easily. What do you do now?
  3. Do you consider yourself as a show-off?
  4. You come back from a soccer tournament and your team has won and smashed the other team up EASILY! You are now in the quiet, quiet, quiet change-rooms with a mix of your team and the losing team. You...
  5. This question rounds up the other questions... When you win something, do you brag about it A LOT?
  6. {No effect} What's your favorite color?
  7. {No effect} If you were allowed to be someone else for 24 hours, who would you be?
  8. Did you enjoy the quiz?
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Quiz topic: Am I a show-off?