How Much do you Know About Liv and Maddie?

Most everyone has watched a Disney show or movie in their lifetime. There's a good chance you are one of the millions of people who have watched the hit show currently on Disney, Liv and Maddie.

How much do you know about Liv and Maddie, and all of their friends, adventures and achievements? Which episodes have you memorized in your brain? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Makenna

  1. Who is Maddie's crush?
  2. What song does Liv sing about Holden in Prom-a-Rooney?
  3. Who is the youngest in the Rooney family?
  4. Who is older: Liv, or Maddie?
  5. What is their school (Ridgewood) mascot?
  6. What is Parkers passion?
  7. Who is Maddie's best friend?
  8. In the start of season 3, what show is Liv shooting?
  9. In the end of Season 2, where did Diggie go?
  10. What does SPARF stand for?
  11. On the show intro, what room are they in?
  12. What happens in the first episode of Liv and Maddie?
  13. What is Maddie's catchphrase?
  14. Who gets a basketball scholarship instead of Maddie?
  15. In Sweet 16- A- Rooney what kind of party did Liv want?
  16. What body part did Maddie injure?
  17. After Maddie's surgery, what did Liv try and prove to her?
  18. What also happened in the episode where Liv's hair gets caught in a meat grinder?
  19. Parker tries turning what food into a vegetable for Reggie?
  20. What sport does Parker do?
  21. How many kids are in the Rooney family?
  22. How does Joey break Liv's toe?
  23. What color were the high heels that Maddie became obsessed with?
  24. Who did Maddie go to Prom with?
  25. What supposedly killed Johnny Nimbus to put Maddie's inability to get scared to the test?
  26. In the Season 2 finale, where does Maddie get trapped, disabling her from seeing Diggie?
  27. In the episode Frame-a-Rooney, what did the school want to change the mascot to?
  28. What song does Liv sing with her band at Battle of the Bands?

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