How Much Do You Know About Liv and Maddie

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Many people think they know all about a TV episode just because they know the names and faces of the characters. This quiz is to test your knowledge to see how well you REALLY know Liv and Maddie!

Are you a Liv and Maddie expert? Or are you completely clueless? Do you actually know the show for all it is? Take this quiz to discover if you really are an expert! :)

Created by: Erin Winter

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  1. What color hair do Liv and Maddie have?
  2. Who is Maddie's crush?
  3. What is the theme song?
  4. What are Liv and Maddie's relations to each other?
  5. Which actress plays Liv and Maddie's part?
  6. Which TV show did Liv star in?
  7. What is Maddie's catch phrase?
  8. What does Liv do when she says, "Sing it Loud"?
  9. What is Maddie's jersey number?
  10. Who likes Joey?
  11. What Varsity sport do Willow and Maddie try out for?
  12. What year of school are Liv and Maddie in?
  13. What is the name of the episode where Liv and Maddie pretend to be each other?
  14. In the episode where Liv dates a skate-board loving jock and he dumps her, what is his skateboard named?
  15. What does Karen, (Liv's mom), regret not doing?
  16. What would Artie be characterized as?
  17. What does Liv accuse Joey and Parker of doing?
  18. What sport do Parker and Evan do?
  19. Who is actually dating from Liv and Maddie?
  20. What stress-relievers, (for angry and sad emotions) does Liv's mom own?
  21. Is the actor who plays Joey actually named Joey?

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