What Sharpie Color Are You?

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Don't think about it too hard, this quiz makes no sense. I made it, and you took it! I hope you are hoary with the score you got, as I see them to be true to form.

I made this thing for Maddie, mostly. All of you other results are just pawns in my attempt to give Maddie the best quiz I can make at 9:56pm (Spokane time).

Created by: Knosh, (the dude)
  1. You've got a bit day ahead of you! These are a few of the things on your itinerary for the day, and you gotta get it done, ya dig? So what're you gonna do with your TO DO:
  2. You begin to float. You're straight up floating in mid-air, and have to come to terms with the fact that that's just where you are now. How do you react.
  3. You come to a diverging set of two paths. One fills you with immense dread, yet appears to be clearer than the other. CHOOSE.
  4. There is only one correct answer in this question... It's in there somewhere... ,' ; ^ ) You can do it, I believe in you. (I'm honestly only typing still due to this website requiring like 160 characters per...)
  5. Water bottles are important. You have to stay hydrated throughout the day in order to maintain yourself! In [current year] you only have so many options, so what do you choose?
  6. FOOTBALL TIME IN AMERICA! This season my beloved Philadelphia Eagles started off rocky with a 3-4 start to their season. This past week, however; they turned it around HARD with a huge 218 yard rushing day on offense. Who let the team in rushing..?
  7. German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche surmised best in his dialogues on free will that we have our life, and should live it as if we must live it an infinite number of times, unchanging. How do you feel about free will?
  8. Travel is fun! Vacations are great forms of escapism, or a way to get another subjective view of the world. When Casey went to Manhattan for two weeks, how late did his f-----g roommate sleep in until, EVERY. DAY? (yes, I'm not kidding)
  9. (From my personal meditation and dissertation) "...to which end can we find the objectivity in all which we perceive daily, each second of every both waking and sleeping moment? Why would these truths be shrouded, rather than understood? I find that in times of..." (Pierce, 32)
  10. Here's looking at you, kid! Home stretch, baby. You're almost out of the woods, just a bit further to go before you find your result! How are you feeling?

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