Heartbreaking isn't a crime, is it? : Part 6

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Hey people! First off, I'd just like to point out the fact that I finished the picture of Larz. (forgive the fact that the colors are a bit off. I couldn't find my silver sharpie -_-

Also, if you want a picture of Nixie, just let me know and I'll draw her. ( I'll add it on part 7 if you all want it of course) so... Go on and read I guess lol

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

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  1. ***QUICK RECAP ***Claire and Ryan meet Nixie ( a faery-elf) and Larz, ( a shape shifter) when exploring the portal. Once finding out that the realm of Narvinax is home to human-hating creatures -- the teens set off with the help of their new friends to find Sarvarian -- the only being who knows the way back to their realm. ***
  2. " Rule number one," began Nixie, pushing back a silver strand of hair that lingered below her jawline. " no matter what Sarvarian does, do NOT anger him." she warned. Claire and Ryan gave sharp nods as they sat atop Larz's dragon form, floating above the entrance to Sarvarians domain. " Rule number two. No eating the purple wobble-go berries. And lastly, rule number three," she rattled off -- Larz giving an obnoxious snort. " Cut it out, Nix! They'll be fine!" he assured her.
  3. " But Larz --" she protested. " Nixie. What did mother tell you?" the dragon asked, cocking his large head to the side as she hung her head back in annoyance. " No questioning your brother -- I got it. Let's just go." she grumbled. Larzs mouth quirked upwards, forming a pleased smirk as he began to hover over a patch of dying grass -- his large feet sinking into the damp 'grass'.
  4. Below them rested a rather dampened ground covered in a thick layering of dying foliage -- thickets sprouting up from random places around the 'yard'. Covering the proximity of the lawn was a cracked patio-like area that led up to a large mansion -- Claire shuddering as she and Ryan quickly hopped off of Larz and stood beside a frowning Nixie.
  5. " One sec," demanded Larz as he spun himself around -- smacking his large eyes shut. Claire continued to study her surroundings -- a bit put off by the Manor resting in front of them -c yet she tried her best to seem normal. " ok. We can go now." purred Larz as he stepped in front of his sister and slung a protective arm around her. No longer in his dragon form -- Larz stood close to Claire with a cocky look as she blushed fiercely.
  6. His irises, one a stunning radioactive green and the other a ghostly steel color, leapt out against his stunning pale skin -- no blemishes whatsoever, except for a miniscule scar above his left brow. His nose, perfectly stubbed, seemed to insinuate his child like features, causing him to look young yet very handsome. Atop his head rested a tossled pile of wispy black hair that licked at his skin as he gave a sudden shake of his head. " Staring isn't polite, princess." he purred, Claire's cheeks going cherry red as she turned her head away.
  7. " Let's just go," she grumbled in embarrassment, taking a hold of Ryan's wrist. " My god -- you don't gotta make me jealous sweet thing, " Larz chuckled softly, taking her by the right arm and tugging her up the crumbled patio area -- the four teens coming to a halt at a rickety old door made of pieced together wood chunks. " Who wants to knock?" asked Nixie, her violet eyes rolling as they all backed away quickly. " Oh god, I'll do it -- cowards." Claire offered, prying Larz's hand from her wrist.
  8. Raising her small hand -- she balled it into a tight fist and gave a light tap on the door -- a creak sounding off from the other side. Just as she was about to knock again, the door swiftly swung open to reveal a tall teenager. Sarvarian.
  9. Gentle waves of solid black hair crashed down against his pale forehead -- life itself seeming to no longer be present in him. Each feature of his face was carefully etched out as if Greek sculptors had spent hours creating him. Where eyes are usually placed sat a pair of glowing orbs -- drops of honey flecked with hazel specks. His body was adorned in a rather loose fitting T-shirt, that hugged his arm muscles well -- yet wasn't snug enough to make his abs visible. His pants -- a strange deteriorating fabric -- seemed to be bound rather loosely, as if they may fall apart any second. Over his eyes rested a pair of twisted wire-framed glasses that sat against his scrunched up nose. He was definitely a Greek god -- he just had to be.
  10. " And you are?" he motioned towards Claire -- cocking his head to the side as he looked her up and down. " Sarvarian -- you know good and well who she is -- but now isn't the time for that. Claire and Ryan are lost. They need back to their realm." explained Larz through gritted teeth. " I believe it IS time for that. Claire -- did you or did you not just knock on my door?" Sarvarian asked with a peculiar look etched across his face. " I did," she muttered, her blue eyes quickly narrowing as he placed a hand out for her to take hold of. " but what has that got to do with anything?" " It's written that soon -- now, to be exact -- a girl with special capabilities is to be bound to me. You, " he whispered. " are that girl. Now follow me." and with that, he took her by the hand and whisked her away.
  11. *** Ryan's pov ***" What the hell just happened?!" roared a furious Larz, his eyes ablaze as Sarvarian shut the door behind the two of them. " You should have let me finish explaining everything earlier, Larz." Nixie scolded with a smirk across her pudgy face -- the two of them bickering back and forth as I realized one thing. We'd just lost Claire.
  12. *** CLIFFHANGER ***Well, sorry guy's, but this is it for this part. Also, this is the last part of this series -- lemme know if I should make a sequel.
  13. Also, in the comments, let me know which name you like best for the sequel ( if I make one) ' Welcome to Narvinax', 'Rescuing the chosen one ' or ' If only you were here'

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