Heartbreaking isn't a crime, is it?: Part 5

Hey people! Okay, firsts things first. I'd like to dedicate this part to HL ( houndlover). Thanks a billion for helping me out with the parts I'm not so good at ( the dragon. *gasp* I said dragon 0.0)

I'd also like to thank HL for all she's done for me. From reading my awful stories, to commenting on them -- I really owe you a gajillion. So.... Thanks :)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. *** RECAP***"There's only one way to find out." she simply said, and with that, she dipped her index finger in and let out a small gasp.
  2. The violet energy greedily sucked in her jagged pointer finger, her large doll-like eyes growing wider as she carefully inched closer -- the portal drawing her in closer and closer. " Claire, be careful. You have no idea what's in there!" Ryan called after her. " Come on slow poke," she yelled over her shoulder -- her entire left arm now inside the portal as she began to walk closer. " don't you wanna know what's on the other side?"
  3. Ryan's hazel eyes rolled in annoyance before he too began to slowly inch towards the portal -- intertwining his left hand with hers, in attempts to stay together and not get separated. " Are you scared?" she questioned, cocking her head to the side -- her blue eyes radiating curiosity as he shook his head. " No, you?" " Not at all. I was just wondering cuz your squeezing my hand to death." she admitted. His cheeks instantly began to burn in embarrassment as he loosened his grip. " Ready?" she asked with a tight lipped smile, looking up into his eyes. " Ready as I'll ever be."
  4. Claire's shoulders slumped as she gave a loud sigh -- her blue eyes slowly fluttering shut as she leaned towards him and gave him a quick peck on the lips. " Let's go." she whispered once she had pulled away, Ryan's dimples showing as he gave a pleased grin. " Let's." he replied, and with that, he fearfully led the way -- until the were completely engulfed by the glowing energy.
  5. *VLOOMF* roared the portal as it sucked in the two teens -- their eyes wide in terror as they began to swirl around uncontrollably. " Oh my god. We're going to die!" shrieked Ryan -- yes, he shrieked. "Shut up, Ryan! Just," Claire whined, giving him a hard glare as her stomach began to churn. " close your eyes and try to stay calm." she insisted, her blonde hair whipping across her face in a frenzy.
  6. As the portal continued to spin wildly, Claire's eyesight began to become rather blurred -- her face twisting in agony as a sharp stone flung itself against her forehead. " Ouch! Dammit!" she roared. " Hey, just close your eyes and try to keep calm." Ryan mocked her, her eyes flying open. " Nows not the time, Ryan." " Jeez, someone's cranky. You sure you aren't --" he trailed off, his eyes falling on a large shadowy figure now covering the both of them.
  7. Claire twisted her head to face Ryan, who's mouth was agape in shock, his index finger pointing upwards towards the shadow resting above them. She slowly tilted her head up -- her eyes going wide as well as she realized it was no ordinary shadow. It was a freaking dragon.
  8. Light greyish scales lined his upper body, covering until it reached his smooth upper jawline -- which was covered in a thin layer of silver spandex-like skin that tightly wrapped over his skull. His eyes -- glowing green orbs of energy -- were deeply sunken into his head and a determined look was etched across his face. As Claire's eyes slowly drifted downward, they landed on a smaller figure riding atop his back, and it appeared to be a young girl.
  9. The girls smiling face was easy to spot -- even though they were over fifty feet above the teens -- and she appeared to be rather overjoyed when her eyes landed on Claire and Ryan. Covering her head was a thick pile of radiant white hair that came to her jutted out chin and curved out with a sharp edge. Her eyes were a similar color to the portal -- and they glowed a radioactive shine as the dragon swooped downward towards the teens. " Need a lift?" her pitchy voice called out over the roaring of the portal. All Claire could do was give a vigorous nod as the girl stuck out a small hand and helped her and Ryan atop of the dragons back.
  10. " You poor thing," the young girl cooed sympathetically, looking over at Claire, whom was shivering from her state of shock -- though if asked, she'd swear she was just cold. " you must be freezing. I'm Nixie, by the way. And this stupid dragon is my brother, Larz." Nixie sighed, taking off her large mossy green jacket and wrapping it over Claire's hunched shoulders. " He's --" " Don't ask." Nixie warned, holding up a hand in protest.
  11. " So, sweet thing," the dragon said in a rather sultry voice -- a muffled purr vibrating from his chest as he spoke and flew at the same time. " you know our names, what's yours?" he asked. " Claire," Claire said, then turned her attention to Ryan who looked pretty disgusted. " and this is Ryan." she then added. " I know it's not my business -- but what brings you to Narvinax? Not many human beings travel to this realm -- unless they're on the search for lost treasures -- and in that case, those treasures are meant to stay lost." giggled Nixie, playing with a flake of Larz's scales, watching it disintegrate in her palm. " Well, we're lost." admitted Ryan, shooting Claire a mock glare.
  12. Nixies thin brows immediately scrunched together as she gave her chin a thoughtful tap. " Oh bother. That's no good -- no good indeed. You see," she began, giving Larzs back a swift kick, motioning downwards. " this realm doesn't treat the human race very well. In fact, most of the humans here are treated as slaves or cooked alive." she admitted. " You aren't human?" asked Claire. " Oh dear, no. I'm a Faery, though my father was an elf -- making me a mix. As for Larz , he's a shape shifter -- though he can only shift between human form and dragon form. " Nixie giggled, tossing her hand in front of her mouth and leaning towards the teens as if she were about to tell a secret.
  13. " Honestly," she whispered to Claire and Ryan. " he's a rather lousy shape shifter for his age. Most seventeen year olds have already mastered shape-shifting." she laughed. " I heard that Nixie!" roared Larz, shifting his weight to one side as he gave a quick flip upside down -- just long enough to get Nixie to apologize. " So, do you happen to know how to get out of here?" Claire asked, clutching her churning stomach as Larz swooped downward. " Nobody except for Sarvarian knows, but he's rather grumpity -- and never likes to share information." Nixie frowned, pointing her finger towards a rickety building that rested just outside of the flowing river of purple energy.
  14. " Sarvarian, huh?" pondered Claire. She jutted out her chin as Nixie nodded and gave her a curious look. " You don't think he'd tell me where the exit is -- do you?" she asked " No offense princess, but Sarvarian doesn't like humans at all. He may be a teenager -- but he's grumpier than an old bear." warned Larz. Claire's brows quickly furrowed as she tossed him a pleadful look -- a puff of smoke shooting out from his large nostrils. " Should we, Nixie?" he asked his sister. " I guess it couldn't hurt -- I mean, you can always fly us out of there."
  15. " Ryan, Claire," Nixie sighed softly, her violet eyes flicking with excitement as she threw out her arms in a wild celebration. " looks like we're going to go see Savarian."
  16. ***CLIFFHANGER ***Sorry guys! I'll try to get the next part out soon. I'm trying to wrap up another series though, so I dunno when it'll be out.

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