The Maddie Ziegler Quiz

Maddie Ziegler has so many fans. But the question is "are you a true fan?" Do you truly know about Maddie Ziegler in hear personal life? You might but you might not.

Are You a true Maddie Ziegler fan? Its hard to tell whether you think you are or you know you are. But there is a big difference. To be a true fan you should know more about Maddie than just dance. Her personal life too. So to find out if you are a true Maddie Ziegler fan take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Rachel R.
  1. What is Maddie's favorite place to shop?
  2. What Are Maddie's favorite 2 styles of dance?
  3. What is Maddie's favorite subject in school?
  4. What is Maddie's nickname?
  5. How Tall is Maddie?
  6. What is Maddie's favorite dance?
  7. What is Maddie's Dogs name?
  8. What is Maddie's Middle Name?
  9. What is Maddie's favorite quote?
  10. Which of the dancers is Maddie's best friend?

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