Test on Wrestling moves

this is a test on wrestling moves. wrestling is a fun sport and its really competitive at the same time which makes it awesome. ive been a fan since 15 and not so much these days but i still watch it sometimes

I hope you are energized enough for this test on wrestling moves! dont worry you dont gotta partake in actual wrestling but you do need to do this test and see if your knowledge on wrestling moves is good!

Created by: The Actual Boss

  1. Hitting opponent with one’s stomach
  2. locking under the opponent’s arms while standing
  3. backflip based on splash
  4. go behind the opponent and facelock then bring em up then fall and slam their face
  5. S.O.S. move also called
  6. Restrain your opponent while your teammate does a flying attck
  7. Brock’s famous lethal move
  8. slamming restrained opponents head to ground with your knees
  9. running to opponent then slamming ones knee right into the face of the weakened opponent
  10. scorpion death lock is a name given to scorpion hold true or false?

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