World Wrestling Entertainment Quiz 3

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the world's biggest and most well known professional wrestling promotion. Most of the wrestling legends are born there and now you can test out if you're a WWE knowledge legend!

You may have wondered how much you know about WWE, but now you can take my, Mrx's, third World Wrestling Entertainment and find out quickly and easily. Most of the questions are about WWE's current roster.

Created by: mrx
  1. Whose apprentice is Alex Riley?
  2. What kind of move is the Air Bourne?
  3. What is Great Khali's home country?
  4. Who dethroned Wade Barrett to become the new Nexus leader?
  5. What is Mark Henry's billed height?
  6. What is R-Truth's real name?
  7. Who is the 2010 King of the Ring?
  8. What kind of move is the Pedigree?
  9. What is Zack Ryder's catchphrase?
  10. What is Edge's signature object?
  11. Who were the members of the team DashingTyre?
  12. Who won the third season of WWE NXT?
  13. What kind of move is the Book of Ezekiel?
  14. What was the name of the team consisting of JTG & Shad?
  15. Who's nickname is the "Dreadlocked Demolition Man"?
  16. What is the Undertaker's catchphrase?
  17. What is the nickname of Jack Swagger?
  18. What are the two other call names for Christian's finishing move Killswitch?
  19. What year did Big Show win his first and last ECW World Championship?
  20. What is Rey Mysterio's signature move?
  21. Who has been using the Chokeslam since 1997?
  22. Who is the Essence of Excellence?
  23. Who is the ring announcer of Alberto Del Rio?
  24. Who is The Masterpiece?
  25. Who's former nickname is the Big Evil?

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