World Wrestling Entertainment Quiz 2

Many people know the difference between babyface and heel, but that's about it. Do you a lot more? Then take this quiz and test if you're a true fan or a beginner. Or a rookie. Or whatever you call.

You should take the quiz now, because if ya think you know a lot, it doesn't mean you know a lot. Test out you're skills. It's time to play the game! Now!

Created by: mrx
  1. Who uses a move called LeBell Lock?
  2. What kind of move is Moonlight Drive?
  3. Who is Triple H married to?
  4. Who recently got his head shaved by Rey Mysterio?
  5. What is the name of the team consisting of Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield and Heath Slater?
  6. What is Christian's real name?
  7. Who's catchphrase is Woo Woo Woo You Know It?
  8. What kind of move is Zig Zag?
  9. Who of the following wrestlers has a beard?
  10. Who of these is the pioneer of Money In The Bank matches?
  11. Who are the members of D-Generation X?
  12. Which one of these wrestlers beat Rey Mysterio in his WWE main roster debut match?
  13. What kind of move is The Play of the Day?
  14. Who won NXT's season two?
  15. Who's nickname is the Big Red Monster?
  16. What is Triple H's catchphrase?
  17. What is the gimmick of Randy Orton?
  18. Who is currently using the Crucifix Powerbomb?
  19. What year did R-Truth win his first U.S. championship?
  20. What is Kofi Kingston's signature move?
  21. Who's brother is Kane?
  22. Who is the Straightedge Savior?
  23. Who of these wrestlers is the shortest?
  24. Which two wrestlers have two words for ya?
  25. Who is the current WWE champion in 9/14/2010?
  26. Are you ready?

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