World Wrestling Entertainment Quiz

Lots of people think they know a lot about the World Wrestling Entertainment, but only few have what it takes to be a Main Eventer. Try out this quiz to know if you have what it takes to become a WWE legend!

Are you a Main Eventer? Have you got what it takes to be the biggest star of the company? You don't know it yet, but if you try out this AWESOME quiz, you will know!

Created by: Mrx
  1. Who is the lead singer of a band named Fozzy?
  2. What kind of move is Spear?
  3. Who is Goldust's real life half brother?
  4. Who is the tallest wrestler currently in WWE?
  5. What kind of clothes does John Cena wear in the ring?
  6. What is John Morrison's real name?
  7. Who claims that The Miz is awesome?
  8. What kind of move is RKO?
  9. What color is Sheamus' hair?
  10. What is Triple H's signature object?
  11. Who are the members of Hart Dynasty?
  12. Who won the first season of WWE's NXT?
  13. What kind of submission move is The Masterlock?
  14. Who is the leader of the Straightedge Society?
  15. Who's nickname is "Dashing?"
  16. What is The Rock's catchphrase?
  17. What was the gimmick of Mr. Kennedy...KENNEDY!
  18. Who in the WWE is currently using the ankle lock?
  19. What year did Kane become the World Heavyweight Champion?
  20. What is MVP's signature move?
  21. Who has the most powerful Spear?
  22. Who is the Charismatic Enigma?
  23. Who is the smallest wrestler currently in WWE?
  24. What is Undertaker's trademark color?
  25. Who is WWE's probably most hated wrestler? (Not John Cena)

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