How Well Do You Know Me? (2019 Edition)

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There are many people living on Earth; in fact, over seven billion people reside on our planet. However, there is only one Dark22978: ME. I plague the GTQ forums every so often to grace the peasants with my presence.

Do YOU know enough information about this tiny, terrifying bean? Have you stalked the forums long enough to know the answers to these oddly personal questions? Take this quiz to see if you know anything about me!

Created by: Dark22978
  1. What gender do I identify as?
  2. What is my first name?
  3. What is my birthday?
  4. How many siblings do I have?
  5. What is the color of my hair?
  6. Do I wear make-up?
  7. Do I wear glasses?
  8. What is my favorite color?
  9. What is my favorite breed of pet?
  10. What are the names of my pets?
  11. Do I watch anime or cartoons?
  12. What was the first anime that I watched?
  13. Which type of art do I prefer: digital or traditional?
  14. What is my favorite art medium?
  15. How many hours a week do I spend on my PC?
  16. What is the name of my favorite PC game?
  17. What is my favorite video game series?
  18. Which video game character was my first "crush"?
  19. What is my second favorite gaming console?
  20. What subject do I dream of teaching?
  21. What is my favorite music genre?
  22. What is my favorite hobby?
  23. What trait or traits do I value in a friend?
  24. What is my favorite junk food/snack?
  25. What is my favorite go-to meal?
  26. If I won a million dollars, what would be my top spending priority?
  27. Have I ever been kissed before?
  28. In 2012, I claimed to be the daughter of which of the following Greek gods?
  29. Am I a moderator on GTQ?
  30. How much patience did I lose while making this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me? (2019 Edition)

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