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  • The System {Group RP}
    "(Hey y'all, are any of you interested in starting this back up again? I think 3-4 of the original members, including me, could make it work!..."
  • I Summon Thee
    "(Are you interested in continuing this?)"
  • Would it be a bad idea
    "It wouldn't be a bad idea, just a little silly since I think the last troll we had to handle was from over a month ago. Doesn't hurt to have..."
  • "@Weirdhead done! "
  • 2019 Meme Thread
    "I might unpin this thread"
  • GTQ Discord
    "Pfft that's a lot of work.. it's ok if you aren't active"
  • GTQ Discord
    "https://discord.gg/ENqTmC3 Please be ready to tell us the name of your "
  • @GTQ Guy
    "Ahh, alright. Well, I'm excited for the feature nevertheless! Good to hear from you. @Normie It looks like computers and andro"
  • @GTQ Guy
    "This looks really neat! Any plans for that notification feature to be compatible with iOS devices as well, or only android for the foreseeab..."
  • @GTQ Guy
    "Are there any plans for new forum or quiz features for the end of this year/beginning of next year? Also- How long are you pla"
  • Hiya friends
    "I love you homie"
  • making a comeback?
    "I've been better tbh, wbu"
  • "I just checked this thread and went through all of the latest links. Wasn't sure who wanted a thread locked or unlocked though!"
  • making a comeback?
    "I most certainly remember you"
  • "The worst part is that my online persona is pretty much me. I had an internet friend of mine come down (he's been here twice, my parents ado..."

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