How Much Do You Know About Me?

So how much do you really know about me? Do you know me well as a person, or just the basic facts? Well, if you don't know me well as a person you're in luck, because on here are just a few facts.

I need 150 characters, which feels like 1,000,000 characters, which is really just 1,000,000,000 characters that I feel like I have to put down. And, I'm done here.

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. What's my actual name?
  2. What color hair do I have?
  3. What color eyes do I have?
  4. Do I have perfect eyesight?
  5. What kind of pet do I have?
  6. What's my favorite color?
  7. What's my favorite animal?
  8. What's my favorite book genre?
  9. How old am I?
  10. How many pairs of shoes do I have?
  11. Which region in the United States do I live in?
  12. What instruments do I play?
  13. What's my favorite type of music?
  14. What's my element?
  15. Do I like sports?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Me?

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