How well do you know me?

There are a lot of people that know "cool kelly". But do you really "know" me? By completely this quiz, you will feel complete fullfillment of your life because you will know so many odd facts about me. lucky you.

Come on, don't be afraid. Just do it. i promise i won't poke your eyes out with a wooden spoon if you suck at it. It's a great quiz because it was created intirely by me!

Created by: Kelly
  1. What is my worst fear?
  2. If i were to change one part of me, what would it be?
  3. What are the names of my kittens?
  4. What is my favorite food EVER?
  5. When do you think i was concieved?
  6. What is my dream car?
  7. Where do i live?
  8. What kind of beer is my BFF?
  9. Where did i go to college at?
  10. How many of my friends on my top 12 have i kissed? ha ha
  11. I consider myself:
  12. My ultimate date would be:
  13. IF you were me (if you were ever so lucky),you'd be attracted to:
  14. What's my favorite "past" band?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?