What does your inner fantasy world say about you?

Some people are completly different on the outside then they are in, for example: Some girls would like to be called 'Princess' than 'Goth queen' or some people pretend to like to eat sushi becuase they think it's cool, when they actually want to vomit.

There are so many acomplishments you can achieve in life, but sometimes there is something holding you back, this quiz can tell you if it's you who seems to be not ready, or something you feel you just can't let go of or else you feel like you'll choose all the wrong roads in life and end up in a black hole. But everyone has their own journey, do you know what's yours?

Created by: Roetha
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  1. How fast do you cry?
  2. What word best describes you?
  3. Which of these places do you feel most relaxed?
  4. If you saw a poor person sitting on the side walk, what would you do?
  5. Describe your world?
  6. What fear do you have?
  7. What side of you do you not show to anyone, not even your family?
  8. When someone calls you names, what do you feel in your heart?
  9. What musical instrument do you want to play that could best describe your feelings about life on earth? And how you feel like you can change it?
  10. Which of these jobs do you secretly want, but won't tell anyone about it because you feel that it's lame or that you'll never make it to the top because it's just luck if you make your living from it?
  11. Which of these lyrics I came up with would you sing because it best describes yourself? (Please don't think it's stupid)

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Quiz topic: What does my inner fantasy world say about you?