How much completely useless boring facts do you know?

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Do you think that you know lots of completely useless boring facts that nobody ever actually cares about? Are you a nerd or a geek? If you are not you should still at least try my quiz.

This may be my last quiz that I (Tyler) is ever going to make...for a while. So as we Canadians say, always save the best for last. I really hope that you have some fun.

Created by: Tyler
  1. Thomas Jefferson originatly invented the lightbulb.
  2. Which country invented the lightbulb?
  3. How many feet tall is the statue of libertys mouth?
  4. What does 4/20 mean?
  5. Which country has the most stereotypes against it?
  6. Which country is abused and harassed the most in the world?
  7. Which country smokes the most?
  8. What percentage of people die every year from second hand smoke?
  9. Girls smoke more than boys do in North America and France.
  10. Who was the first primo mister of Canada?
  11. How long did the war of 1812 last for?
  12. What is the biggest brass instrument in the world?
  13. What does the "L" too the forehead actually mean in Finland?
  14. What in 2009-2012 was the fourth most popular toy in the world?
  15. What electronically product did canada make the WAS a major break through seven years ago?

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Quiz topic: How much completely useless boring facts do I know?