Useless Information Test

Are YOU ready to face the challenge? To conquer all your fears and see if you have what it takes to be a TRUE hero? Face the facts, YOU could be the NEXT.........useless genius.

Some will make it. Some will not. It will test all of the useless information in mankind, and reveal a reality for some. Are YOU going to be the next USELESS INFO PROFESSOR?!?!? That's where I come in....

Created by: Grayson
  1. What is the Egyptian go Saa (or Sia) responsible for as a god?
  2. What are those little blue hairs in an American one dollar bill made of?
  3. How many times would you have to half fold a dollar bill before it'd rip?
  4. What animal below has been known to survive being flushed down the toilet? (hint: look up 'clamjamphrie' in the dictionary)
  5. A young oyster is called a.....
  6. The male symbol (if you've never seen it, go on Microsoft word and type: 2642, Alt+x)represents a shield and spear. The female symbol (2640, Alt+x) represents...........
  7. Which state below still allows hanging on death row? (anotherwards, which of these states still allows hanging as a form of the death penalty)
  8. In 1935, Mickey Mouse was banned in Romania. Why?
  9. It is true that Elvis Presley died on the potty. He also was reading a book on the potty when he died. What book?
  10. A group of twelve or more cows is called a.....
  11. Where is your 'wemus'?
  12. Humans have 3 color receptors in their eyes. Goldfish have 4. Mamtis shrimp have.......
  13. Cows are the only mammals that......
  14. How does one 'steal' a person's shadow?
  15. How does one 'steal' a person's shadow?
  16. When Santa visits Finland, he leaves his sleigh and reindeer behind and rides away on a goat names Ukko. What is Ukko made of?
  17. Every human has spent an amount of time as a cingle cell. About how long?
  18. If you went into outer space with no protective gear, what would probably happen first?

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