Are you REALLY a gearhead?

So, you really think you know cars? I got tired of seeing all these crappy quizzes about cars and useless knowledge. Useless facts that only wikipedia can deliver.

Do you really know? Do you!? Then try this quiz on for size! It's not nearly as tough as it could be, but its better than the others! I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Unless you fail.

Created by: mike
  1. What is the easiest way to increase your torque?
  2. What is the first stage of combustion?
  3. What does TDC stand for?
  4. Which is not one of the stages of the four stroke combustion cycle?
  5. At what speed does the camshaft rotate?
  6. When is closed loop operation accomplished?
  7. The connecting rod connects the piston to the crankshaft. True or False?
  8. The connecting rod connects the piston to the camshaft. True or False?
  9. The sole purpose of a manual transmission is to multiply torque. True or False?
  10. What is the purpose of a clutch?
  11. What of these components are solid state?
  12. How much do think you know now?
  13. This should be easy... I think... What kind of engine does a 1st and 2nd gen Eclipse have?
  14. Can you really grind the gears in a transmission? True or False
  15. How do you unlock automatic hubs?
  16. What can you measure torque in?
  17. What is a spanner wrench used for?
  18. Final Question... How much (on average) torque does it take to move a passenger car?
  19. How do you think you did?

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY a gearhead?