Are you a Harley gearhead?

We're everywhere, us gearheads. For us, it isn't JUST about the's about knowing our machines and the satisfation that comes from riding something that we've built or maintained ourselves.

So, are YOU a gearhead? Take the quiz and find out. Do you talk about bolting on chrome and taking dyno tests or can you twist a wrench yourself? (The quiz questions are of a very general nature about HD motorcycles.)Have fun!

Created by: Steven

  1. What kind of oil pump does a Twin Cam 88 have?
  2. What's the largest size motor currently offered from Harley-Davidson?
  3. Can you use a torque wrench that's calibrated in Newton/meters (a metric torque wrench) on a Harley? (Other than the V-rod?)
  4. How many cams does a Sporster have?
  5. What type of exhaust system would be most likely to give you a horsepower increase on a street-legal bike?
  6. You notice on a container of 20W50 motor oil that it's rated as "SH" or "SJ." the letter S stands for what?
  7. When tightening down a plate or cover, generally you would want to torque the bolts in what sort of sequence?
  8. Technically an engine's "bore and stroke" refers to what?
  9. What type of current is produced by the alternator on an Evo or Twin Cam engine
  10. Your friend brags that he put "a .451 cam" in his engine. What do the numbers, ".451" refer to?
  11. What can you do to slightly lower the ride of your Softail without buying a lowering kit?
  12. What's the most efficient engine finish for heat dissipation?
  13. In the Harley model code designation "FLHR" what does the "FL" stands for?
  14. You've been using petroleum based engine oil. Can you switch to synthetics?
  15. 15) Since the late 1970's all Harleys use which type of brake fluid?
  16. The castings that make up the crankcase halves of a current Harley motor are made by a company that also makes what?
  17. The pinion shaft bearing in an Evo engine would be located where?
  18. What kind of valve adjusters does a factory Twin Cam motor use?
  19. On a transmission countershaft, first gear is always:
  20. How many separate piston rings does a modern Harley have on each piston?

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