James' Motorbike Savvy Exam

This is some general motorcycle related trivia covering sport, design, engineering and history. Not so much on boring Harley-Davidson/chopper related s---, but real bikes from Europe and Japan.

I talk about bikes a lot and I know the ground covered in this little 10 question quiz should be nothing new to my friends who should be hanging on my every word and taking notes if they can't keep up... Let's see if all that nodding was a sign of absorption or apathy!

Created by: James

  1. What was the first name of Honda's founder?
  2. What year did Kawasaki first race their Ninja ZX-RR Grand Prix bike?
  3. Who is the only man to have won premier class world titles on both two wheels and four?
  4. Which engine configuration is most closely associated with the Italian marque Moto Guzzi?
  5. With which factory did Max Biaggi win three of his four 250GP world championships?
  6. John McGuinness set the fastest ever lap of the Isle of Man TT in 2007- at what speed did he achieve this?
  7. How many 'London buses' did Evel Kinevel attempt to jump on a motorcycle at Wembley Stadium in 1975?
  8. What was the cubic capacity of Honda's original CBR900RR FireBlade?
  9. Who designed, what considered by many to be the most beautiful motorcycle of all time, the Ducati 916?
  10. Valentino Rossi won the 2003 MotoGP race at Philip Island, but what was unusual about this victory?

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