Are You Sam Or Cat? From The Netflix Show Everyone Loves!

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Find out which quirky character you are from the show TV series Sam and Cat, are you cute, fun and girly or cool, trustworthy and tomboyish? (You should be able to tell whose personality is whose)

This cool quiz really fun, so what are you waiting for?? Hello? Are you actually still reading this? Go on! Go away! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!? GET STARTED

Created by: BOBO_0h
  1. Firstly, choose a color:
  2. Choose a casual outfit:
  3. Choose a casual summer outfit:
  4. Choose a quote:
  5. Choose a perfume:
  6. How'd you like your coffee?
  7. Select a mythical creature:
  8. Which bedroom decoration??
  9. Which caffeine fuel do you fancy?
  10. Who do you prefer?
  11. Choose a social meadia network you prefer!
  12. Choose an animal

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Quiz topic: Am I Sam Or Cat? From The Netflix Show Everyone Loves!