How stereotypically girly are you?

This quiz can be for both boys and girls, but if you get 100% you're extremely girly, and if you get 0% you're extremely manly/tomboyish. This is the perfect quiz out find out how feminine you are!

How girly are you? Do you scream at ice and squeal at pink Italian, bedazzled silk? Or do you kind of like mice, and didn't know 'bedazzled' was a word?

Created by: Claire
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  1. What the tamest creature you would stand on a chair to avoid?
  2. Would you ever be a supermodel?
  3. Do you like make-up?
  4. Being called 'delicate' is...
  5. True or False: You like popular things (Justin Bieber, Twilight, Barbie)
  6. Which of these is closest to your hairstyle?
  7. Did you ever play with barbie/brat dolls as a child?
  8. True or False: You can cook very well.
  9. Which of these could you not live without?
  10. A poor defenceless baby bird is dead on the road; how do you react?
  11. How many of these apply to you? Delicate, fashionable, sweet, submissive, passive, emotional, skinny, shopaholic, sucks at math, rocks at cooking, pink-loving.
  12. (You knew this was coming ):-] ) How do you feel about the colour... PINK?

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Quiz topic: How stereotypically girly am I?