How Girly Are You? (girls only)

A lot of girls are really girly, and enjoy texting. But some are tomboys, and enjoy skateboarding. You could like skateboarding or texting and still not be qualified as a girly girl or tomboy.

But do you know if you're girly or not right now? Probably not. Well, do you want to know? Probably yes! So take this very simple but very helpful quiz and find out!

Created by: Jessa

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A pair of shoes are on sale at a store!
  2. Do you like wearing the same outfit more than once?
  3. Shopping every....
  4. You see a frog on the ground. You...
  5. Do you have a boyfriend?
  6. Would you be okay losing a boyfriend?
  7. Which shoes are best?
  8. Do you care about fashion?
  9. How about your hair?
  10. Use makeup?
  11. Which clothing style fits you best?

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Quiz topic: How Girly am I? (girls only)