Which Romanov Princess Are You?

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Over the past hundred years, the Sisters Romanova have never failed to leave a mark on every one of us. As daughters of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra they were styled as Grand Duchesses of Russia from birth. Sheltered from the world by their domineering but well-meaning parents, these girls were unequipped for the Revolutionary Europe that loomed ahead. Consequently they are trapped in an eternal limbo of youth, innocence, vulnerability and beauty.

The Big Pair - Olga and Tatiana - and the Little Pair - Maria and Anastasia (collectively nicknamed OTMA) were all the same to their parents and wider circle but so different in their own girly bubble. Are you the sensitive and passionate Olga, the serene and stunning Tatiana, the convivial and giving Maria or the bold and fun-loving Anastasia? Click on and see.

Created by: Graham of msn
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  1. If you have more than one sibling in your family, which order are you in?
  2. In your opinion, are you a good looking child in your family?
  3. How do you describe your figure?
  4. How do you behave in school?
  5. You are in charge of your little cousins for the day. How do you treat them?
  6. You are planning to put on a stage show for your parents and relatives who are visiting. Everyone has to chip in. What is your productive role?
  7. Are you generally a well-behaved person?
  8. What colour is your hair?
  9. You are invited to a party and all of your peers are invited which is important as your peers are all high society, so best behaviour! How are you feeling?
  10. You are experiencing a mad crush on someone whom your parents like but will disapprove of if you marry them.

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