What is your MLP Princess Element

These princesses do anything for their kingdoms. They help anypony in need(not if you are Princess Blazeheart). But anyways, they are strong and wise.

Can YOU uphold the power to be a princess? If you think it's easy. It's not! Listen to their story's and see what they go through. I you have any questions just ask me through the comments.

Created by: Renee Malano of [no urls]
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  1. What would your empire or kingdoms name be?
  2. What would your element involve
  3. Who would be your best friend?
  4. Say you go missing. What princess could you trust to rule your empire or kingdom?
  5. What is your special ability?
  6. What is your assistant?
  7. Who is your MLP crush?
  8. Would you rather swim or sit in a hot tub?
  9. Would you rather sit on the couch and eat junk or exersize.
  10. I you were battling the changelings. Would you surrender or battle to the death!

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Quiz topic: What is my MLP Princess Element