Which of the Last Romanov Grand Duchesses Are You?

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Far away and long ago there were four beautiful sisters who were part of a loving, close knit family that came to a tragic end. While the brutality of their deaths have sadly overshadowed their short lives, the four daughters of Tsar Nikolas II were all deeply interesting, lovely girls with distinct personalities, alike in their kindness and love for their country and people. They didn't act like daughters of the richest ruler in the world; they were down to earth and humble. Which of the last Romanov Grand Duchesses are you?

Are you smart and stubborn, like Olga, called 'Olga the Clever'? Are you regal and poised, like 'Tatyana the Fair'? Are you sweet and kind, like 'Maria the Good'? Or are you wild and daring, like 'Anastasya the Terror'? Find out by taking this quiz to see which OTMA (Olga, Tatyana, Maria, and Anastasya's name for themselves) sister you are the most similar to!

Created by: Vasilya Vasilyevna
  1. When your parents recall a memory of you as a child, what is it likely to be?
  2. What type of student are you most like?
  3. Do you tend to be emotional when things don’t go your way?
  4. Which of these nicknames best fits you?
  5. What is your role in your friend group?
  6. Describe your fashion style.
  7. Which perfume sounds the nicest to you?
  8. Describe your experience with romance.
  9. How would you help in a time of trouble?
  10. If you were involved in a play, which part would you be?
  11. How often do you misbehave?
  12. Pick your biggest flaw:

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Quiz topic: Which of the Last Romanov Grand Duchesses am I?