Which Character from Anastasia are You?

In 1997, everyone fell in love with the animated film Anastasia! A film about the lost grand Duchess Anastasia trying to find her family, her identity, and where she fits in the world

Along the way she meets, Dimitri, a con man yet the man she loves, Vladimir, his best friend, Sophie, a cousin of the Dowager Empress, the Dowager Empress (who turns out to be her grandmother), and sees the evil Rasputin again after ten years.

Created by: Diana
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  1. You find a $100 bill on the ground. You...
  2. Your favorite piece of jewelry is...
  3. If you could have one thing in the whole world, it would be...
  4. Would you settle for a safe, secure, yet boring life; or risk everything to find a better life?
  5. You are filled with...
  6. Are you a fast learner?
  7. Do you like the Russian Ballet?
  8. What is a reliquary?
  9. Would you rather be alone and rich, or together with someone and poor?
  10. Are you confident?

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Quiz topic: Which Character from Anastasia am I?