Which character from Making Fun are you?

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Do you love the Netflix show Making Fun and the people that star in it? Take this quiz to find out which person from Making Fun you are most like. Figure out which character you're most like - is it Graz, Jimmy, Paul, Canadian Pat or Derek?

If you're a fan of the show you'll know which answers to pick to be the character you want, but try to pick the ones that are honest for you! See which one you'd replace if you became one of the stars of the show.

Created by: Acedawg

  1. You go for a walk on a trail and come across a fallen log blocking the trail, what tool would you use to remove it?
  2. A kid asks you to make them the best toy in the world! What toy are you going to make?
  3. You're done working for the day, how dark is it outside when you shut down and head out of the shop?
  4. Your project ended up looking great but didn't work the way you planned. Where do you think you messed up?
  5. The kid that wanted the best toy in the world just gave you another idea - which one would you want to make?
  6. On a scale of super crazy to boring and dull where would you rate yourself?
  7. Would you rather make something functional and practical, or something fun that looks amazing!
  8. What's the "right amount" of beard ?
  9. You're getting ready to go out for the day, standing at your closet which outfit do you pick?
  10. What's your favorite tool in the workshop?

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