What is your warrior cat name and backstory! (She-cats only)

Hi! This is my first ever quiz! I hope you enjoy. The questions are long but I really loved making this (It took 8 days!) but it was tiring. I really love making these things!

Tell me if I should make more! I got Deerwing, she's my personal OC and a favorite of mine. Please note that this is just if you're stuck for anything. The purpose is not to stick with this character forever. This can just give you inspiration for your own OC! Thanks!!!

Created by: Grace
  1. What is your position in the clan?
  2. What is your pelt color?
  3. What's ur favorite color?
  4. I hope you like roleplaying!
  5. How would you like to die?
  6. RP time! You're patrolling near the river and you see a black lump of fur near the bank. It was a dying kit! You...
  7. Ok, another rp! You're helping around camp when the deputy calls for a clan meeting, he says the leader died in an accident. There's murmuring around you with different opinions about the meeting, what do you think?
  8. More RP's (I promise this will be fun!). Your a paw and you want to get a mate (What a silly idea), you look at your denmates and choose...
  9. Did you like this quiz? (its my first one, don't judge)
  10. One last RP! You are a kit, you're bored, extremely bored...you decide to go for a walk. Where do you go? (old forest)

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Quiz topic: What is my warrior cat name and backstory! (She-cats only)