Which The Hippy Show character are you?

Who are you? Hippy, Harold, Jimmy, Dal... Or someone else? Who knows!!! Do you know what "the hippy show" even is?? Good, i'll tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hippy show is about a hippo named Hippy Hippowin and his friends. Find it here: scratch.mit.edu/users/amberk99 :D I worked hard on this quiz, so enjoy it! OR ELSE!!!!

Created by: amberk99
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  1. A wallet on the ground! Do you turn it in to the police?
  2. Look, a pizza shop! Do you go there?
  3. A movie about cars is in the theater! It costs $10 per ticket. Do you go?
  4. You get a robot. What would it do?
  5. Pie
  6. a random game is on the ground.
  7. Name begins with...?
  8. stab bats!
  9. Your computer: ERROR
  10. A person in danger!
  11. 1 + 1

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Quiz topic: Which The Hippy Show character am I?