What Gender is Your Dream?

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Dreams are part of a second world that you dissolve into once you begin sleeping. They include pictures in your mind that makes something much like a film that you watch during sleep.

Have you ever wondered what gender your dream was? Do you ever wonder if it could have a gender? Look no farther. In this quiz, you can test to see what gender your latest dream was!

Created by: Dark22978
  1. Did your dream include anything such as a character from a video game, book, or T.V. show?
  2. Did you shop for clothes in your dream?
  3. Did you hang out with friends/your crush/boyfriend or girlfriend?
  4. Did you get attacked, murdered, or hurt in your dream?
  5. Did you dance, sing, or joke in your dream?
  6. How many people were in your dream, including you?
  7. Which one of the following areas were you in inside of your dream? School, mall, home, or forest?
  8. (Addition to question 6) Did you die in your dream?
  9. (Addition to question 10) If more than once, how many times?
  10. (Optional) What gender are you?

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