What is your love language?

A love language is the kind of love that appeals to you the most. There are 5 main love languages, and most people have a primary one, then also a secondary one. But you could be a multiple of them, so pay attention to your results at the end.

Anyone can take this quiz. These questions mostly apply to you and your significant other, so if you don't have one then pretend you do. Even if you don't, this is also a good way to figure out how to love on others and be loved back. At the end, I hope you get a love language that suits you. Good luck!

Created by: Stardust1
  1. Do you like to be hugged?
  2. Your crush (or girl/boy friend, whatever) suddenly comes up to you and tells you that he/she loves you. They are completely serious. What's your reaction?
  3. What would you do if it was your girl/boy friend's birthday? (Pretend you're actually dating someone if you're not.)
  4. Switch that last question around. Say it's your birthday. What are you hoping for?
  5. An amazing night for you would be like...
  6. You and your significant other are at the grocery store together. What are you doing?
  7. Your girl/boy friend says he/she wants to kiss you. What do you do?
  8. What is it that you like about your crush?
  9. Say the person-you-love hurt you. How would you like for them to make it up to you?
  10. What is it you look for in a future (or now) husband/wife?

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Quiz topic: What is my love language?