What is your love language?

Everyone needs love, but in different ways. Some people appreciate gifts or spending time with others, while others prefer touch or kind words, or even when others do kind things for them.

If you're wondering what your love language is, this quiz can help you. It can tell you which of the five expressions of love you like best - just the thing you've always wanted to know!

Created by: Stephanie Monique of The Writers Internet Guild
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  1. If hanging out with your best friend, would you prefer them to A. ask you what you think, or B. put their arm around your shoulder?
  2. If you were a member of a baseball team, would you prefer your loved one to A. go to your games, or B. clean your laundry afterwards?
  3. If hanging out with somebody at the mall, would you prefer them to A. buy you something or B. take you to see a movie?
  4. As a child, did you prefer it when parents A. helped you with homework, or B. hugged you?
  5. Would you prefer your spouse to A. kiss you, or B. make sure you have money for things you need?
  6. Do you like it best when your spouse A. takes time off of work to spend time with you, or B. rubs your shoulders?
  7. Do you prefer friends who A. always remember to get you a birthday present, or B. reassure you when you make a mistake?
  8. Do you like when a friend A. gives you a high five, or B. respects your opinions?
  9. Would you prefer for a loved one to A. take you out to eat, or B. let you borrow something from them?
  10. As a child, did you prefer when parents A. told you that you were the best child in the world, or B. drove you around?
  11. Do you prefer when a family member A. eats at least one meal a day with you, or B. listens to you and helps with your problems?
  12. Would you feel better if someone A. respected your privacy, or B. held your hand?
  13. Do you appreciate it most when people A. leave you encouraging notes or B. remember your favorite places?
  14. Do you like when your family members A. hang out with you, or B. sit next to you on the couch?
  15. Do you appreciate it most when your spouse A. tells you how successful you are, or B. cooks meals for you?
  16. As a child, did you prefer when your parents A. straightened your clothes, or B. showed interest in the things you liked?
  17. Do you most appreciate when people A. let you have guests over, or B. pay for you to go on trips?
  18. Which is a greater compliment to you - when your friend A. compliments your appearance, or B. listens without judgment?
  19. Do you feel more satisfied when your family member A. rubs your head, or B. asks for input on their daily activities?
  20. Do you appreciate it most when housemates A. drive you places, or B. trust you to stay home alone?
  21. As a child, did you prefer when parents A. included you in their trips, or B. took you and your friends to fun places?
  22. Do you prefer when your spouse A. gets you just the gift you wanted, or B. notices when you go out of your way to do something nice?
  23. Do you most appreciate friends who A. loan you money, or B. ask if you need help?
  24. Do you prefer when friends A. don't interrupt you, or B. appreciate the gifts you give them?
  25. Do you prefer when family members A. let you sleep late, or B. seem to enjoy spending time with you?
  26. Do you prefer A. pats on the back, or B. surprise gifts?
  27. Do you prefer when your spouse A. tells you they believe in you, or B. don't lecture you?
  28. Do you appreciate more when people A. pick up things for you from the store, or B. touch your face?
  29. Does it make you feel better when people A. give you space when you feel upset, or B. tell you that you're talented?
  30. Do you feel more loved when your spouse A. hugs or kisses you regularly, or B. says they're thankful they're married to you?

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