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  • Ooh, Acts of Service! A agree :D

    Darkestfox09 Aug 21 '18, 7:09PM
  • I got 91% and it was words of affirmation

    Airjitzumaster99 Feb 1 '17, 1:44PM
  • Your result: Physical Touch
    Love is best communicated to you through physical contact. Hugs, slaps on the back, holding hands, and pats on the head would be great ways for others to show they care.

    Real cool!

    Fairytalea May 24 '16, 9:31AM
  • Stephanie Monique,

    it was a very nice quiz

    oni nema Apr 12 '16, 3:45AM
  • The quiz is okay, but if ones marriage is bad it's no fun imaging them touching you. I don't want him to touch me, I've been emotionally mistreated for 42 years of marriage. If he didn't lie so much about small and large things and being arrogant and prideful against me. I'm emotionally bankrupt.

    Redwright12 Jan 19 '16, 1:38PM
  • It is an important thing to know your languages of love but this quiz does not help to discover it. It is very poorly designed, should not force a user to choose between two things that are not opposed to each other. Some questions simply do not make sense. Please, revise it!

    garvi Apr 27 '15, 8:18AM
  • Loved this quiz~^^ I like how long it was just cuz of the subject >w

    SarKittyXX Jul 28 '12, 5:36AM
  • I got gifts but I'd love it if someone held my hand or kissed ne forever

    xxemogirlxx111 May 26 '11, 11:33PM
  • Your Result: Quality Time

    You feel most loved when those you care about spend one-on-one time with you. Going out to dinner, having a book discussion, or simply having a long chat over the phone will all make your love tank full.

    AWWWEH!! :)...


    oxSierraxo May 9 '11, 6:38PM
  • What a Wonderful quiz I got Words of Affirmation

    Pretender Apr 17 '11, 3:21AM
  • Good quiz:) I got phsyical touch

    HeyItsMe Apr 13 '11, 9:40PM
  • Words of Affirmation. :D
    This quiz was well done.

    Mitch Apr 12 '11, 10:34PM
  • Easily one of the best quizzes I've ever taken! Can't wait to send this to my boyfriend! Lol. =D

    musicgirl Apr 12 '11, 1:44AM
  • I got Gifts, ha ha yes i love gifts
    and this was a very loooooong quiz :D

    Loverebeccah Apr 11 '11, 2:52PM
  • Great quiz!!!
    i got quality time!!!

    Chicksman Apr 11 '11, 5:38AM
  • Words of affirmation... Very true.... Awesome quiz!

    Kish Apr 10 '11, 11:52PM
  • Quality time :D I loved this quiz! :D

    tomboykaitie Apr 10 '11, 10:36PM
  • Good quiz (:
    I got acts of service.

    Catheriine Apr 10 '11, 9:52PM
  • Good quiz (:
    I got acts of service.

    Catheriine Apr 10 '11, 9:51PM
  • Very good quiz.

    iowa45 Apr 7 '11, 4:36PM
  • Very good quiz.

    iowa45 Apr 7 '11, 4:35PM
  • I loved your quiz! It was a little long, but I liked it! I got Words of Affirmation!! PEACE!! :)

    pkiera75 Apr 7 '11, 11:23AM

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