How well do you know you're language?

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English! It is the language you speak. Therefore, should you be a master at speaking it? Take this quiz and find out how much you know about your language!

One of the most difficult languages to learn. But, it IS your language. So shouldn't you be able to speak it with perfect fluency? Take this quiz to see how well you know the English language!

Created by: beddardead13
  1. Possession. How would you show something belongs to Chris?
  2. Fill in the blank: "I am a _____ student, however, today my participation may be hindered because I am not feeling _____."
  3. Fill in the blank: During an assembly one day, the speaker was talking about bullying. When he asked the audience to name some words kids use to verbally harass others, a child raised her hand and told the speaker some names that people call one another. As a response, the speaker said, "Some children speak ______ about others."
  4. Brother: "I didn't do it!" Sister: "Yes you did! ____ all ____ fault!"
  5. "The people accused of being witches were ____. So they ____ up their brooms and walked out the door."
  6. I will ____ my jacket on my desk.
  7. Son: "I am going to the party tonight." Mother: "Well, with ____ are you going?"
  8. Out of the following, how would you show dialogue?
  9. ____ colors are contrasting; they are directly across from each other on the color wheel.
  10. I have been greatly _____ by the loss of my grandfather.
  11. _____, I said, "I am better _____ you!"
  12. If you get this question wrong, I'm going to beat _____ butt!
  13. My brother Henry wanted to go to the store, so my mother came to pick up Julie---my sister---and _____.
  14. Which one is the correct way to say the following?
  15. That is _____ book.
  16. _____ book is that?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know you're language?