What's Your Love Language?

Love languages are important. They can break the barrier from communication with someone or a kid and can save marriages if you know what to do. It's something you should know.

I think that everyone should know they're love language and it helps to realize someone else's it can give the right approach...

Created by: SmartChick
  1. Mom/Dad/Fish I cleaned my room and then your room and then washed the dishes because I was high. I'm sorry.
  2. I hate you.
  3. What would you rather have. Hey, happy birthday here's a present. Present is:
  4. The person you love kisses you on the lips.
  5. Your getting a call: Hey let's go hang out in the mall. I'm buying lunch.
  6. I really think this is the best surprise ever thank you so much for every thing. I couldn't live with out you.
  7. Do you want the rest of my fries?
  8. Someone gives you half cup of water.
  9. Yes or No.
  10. What make you mad the most:
  11. Comment and Rate.

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Quiz topic: What's my Love Language?