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  • "I mean as long as it's not in the way or on someone's property then I guess it doesn't matter. There's always the possibility tho tha"
  • "Yeah so far it is :) It doesn't have a bazillion things yet, but theres already a ton of classics and new shows/movies I'm excited to "
  • "Oh on a happy note, ive got Disney+ now so yaya. I can rewatch Bedknobs and broomsticks bc literally I haven't been able to find that one an..."
  • "S m a c k"
  • "If he keeps talking smack I really will smack him"
  • "Also fg was talking smack about being wayyy better at chess than me, like boi you've never played me. You also thought you were better at po..."
  • "Honestly if I don't like where I am I'll just pick up and leave lol"
  • "I also don't want you to rope me in with that one crowd that's always like super loud and obnoxious. Not my kind of crowd ok? I have no prob..."
  • "Filipino guy said I was hostile today Darn right I am. Don't really appreciate how clingy you can be like no I'm not interested ok how"
  • "Men in Black (which ive never seen till now)"
  • "For once, it only took 2 days for my thread to be bumped to the second page wowza Newbies are better than it being dead ig"
  • "The newbies have really taken over :o"
  • "Oh haha. Tbh if you really want it, ask me on Discord"
  • "Its been a weird semester. Honestly I went into college hoping to meet absolutely nobody and literally only talk to my best friend."
  • "Also I somehow kept winning at blackjack despite never actually playing that game before"

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