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  • "Aw yeah I mean I gave up a lot when it came to school lol"
  • "I always feel super accomplished on Thursdays bc I usually wrap up all the projects I started working on for the week at work"
  • "Food poisoning is really the worst :( I really hate throwing up"
  • "Dang I always get a little eczema around my eyes, but I also have ridiculous dark circles. So I'm always putting makeup over them, but I'm p..."
  • "Upon reflection, I should not have watched zombie land double tap by myself to pass the time bc that's pretty unromantic But I"
  • "And I picked up my husband from the airport at 11:59 pm so TECHNICALLY we spent Valentine's together 🙃"
  • "A tiring but good Valentine's Just kinda sucks working all day but then again I got a lot of chocolate from my coworkers so th"
  • "What to make for dinner"
  • "Oop wait got distracted with my actual job"
  • "Oh she never told me. She said: Lol it's this really sweet romance about a deaf girl and a guy who travels a lot and them showi"
  • "And now she wants me to watch... Eh I forgot. Something cuter and less intense"
  • "That last season ruined me ;-;"
  • "Anyway, she made me watch jjk"
  • "My irl friend, I think she would've definitely ended up here had she found it. She even had quotev too XD Too scared to ask for"
  • "This whole time, I've never been into anime right. Felt kinda out of place for the past 6 yrs here bc there wasn't an anime I wanted to use ..."

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