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  • "Also R is coming home for his birthday and I'm literally so happy. It's supposed to be a surprise but his dad slipped and now I know. "
  • "B wants to go ice skating so I guess we're going ice skating tomorrow 🙃"
  • emy's thread <3
    "It's all good! I'm just lingering around. And I'm glad you're okay now"
  • emy's thread <3
    "Aw are you okay?"
  • "No it's all good xD I need to go to bed really... Working tomorrow But yeah candy better be the payment"
  • Abortion.
    "I still stand by what I said. Our taxes go into planned parenthood. And I would rather they go into something more productive that do"
  • "Lol yeah. We're dorks I mean that's still fun. Staying in is nice. And candy is nice"
  • "I hope so lol. My friends are doing katara, sokka, appa, zuko, and mai. Unfortunately we're the gaang without aang atm. What a"
  • "Well I was going to go more crazy. But I just have a simple green dress I bought. I'll be barefoot ofc. And I ordered like translucent color..."
  • Abortion.
    "Pro Life. If you aren't ready to have a child, you shouldn't be having sex either. Considering most abortions ha"
  • "Yes ooo xD"
  • "My halloween outfit is toph inspired. Because my friend group is all nerds 🙃"
  • "Ooh what are all these halloween ideas?"
  • "I know the boy with luv choreography now and I feel both proud and pathetic."
  • "8 days aha"

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