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  • Speak, friend, and enter.
    "Internet and social media are scary places atm"
  • Speak, friend, and enter.
    "The lady at the hotel check in desk was kinda rude ngl"
  • Speak, friend, and enter.
    "St augustine is cool"
  • "Oh but I'm sure he's said that before"
  • "He what. Why did Jeeshan leave?"
  • "I don't understand the riots. Like some riots started by blacks have killed blacks so like... That's literally not helping save lives. ..."
  • Melanin
    "That is like prophetic wow. The situation has blown up so much and your story almost feels like at the heart of it lol."
  • "Everything on social media is just stressing out my bestie so much :/"
  • Melanin
    "I'm curious Did you write this before George Floyd or after? I mean if it was before then whoa that's kinda insane. If "
  • "*doesn't give you a leaf*"
  • "I literally just watched that movie. Ok I watched the back half of the movie it was long I kinda came in at a weird part and it still "
  • sleepy time
    "I feel fortunate to never really have had problems with sleeping. Brother asked me if I was a morning or a night person And I j"
  • "People keep telling me they don't understand how I've never watched avatar. The last airbender"
  • " "oh no the line has been crossed" Som"
  • Quick announcement!
    "Congrats ^^"

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