Star's Shoutouts

Hey it's Stardust :) I just had my first GTQ birthday, so wow I made it a year. But I've never made a shoutout. So here's to my first one! I don't have many friends on here... But for those of you who are my friends, thank you. This is for you.

"Well ya, took my day And you flipped it around Calmed the tidal wave And put my feet on the ground Forever in my heart, Always on my mind It's crazy how I think about you all of the time And just when I think I'm bout to figure you out You make me wanna sing and shoutttttttttt"

Created by: Stardust1

  1. So, you saw this coming. First shoutout goes to my brother, Dawson! I know I probably wouldn't keep coming back to GTQ if you weren't on here. I know lately I've been a little distant, but know that I'm sorry and I wish I could be there for you whenever you need me. You're my best friend on here. After months of knowing you, I just love how real you are. Never pretending...but showing me honestly how you're feeling. I love how much you care about your friends. And, bro, I hope you know how much I care about you <3
  2. Second shoutout goes to the best loaf out there! My grandson, breadboy69. Dude, I wish we talked more. I honestly do. You're one of the coolest users with the best personality out there. You always know how to make me laugh, and I know if I ever need it, I can still count on you. I can also count on you to steal the next thousandth post on my thread, or always show up when I call for all the stalkers. Thanks, John.
  3. Next up is Magie Magic! I know, you said you left GTQ, but if you ever get on, I added you in here. You're friendly, and a great roleplayer. Thanks for brightening up the place.
  4. If only my favorite mod was still here. Dark22978 (yes, I can remember the numbers!), you're an amazing girl. You've always helped out newbies and talked to anyone who needed it. We've roleplayed a couple times, and every time was so exciting for me. I wish we had gotten around to writing a collab! Unfortunately we don't talk much anymore, and with you being inactive, it's just gone downhill. I hope one day you'll read this. I feel like we could've been great friends :)
  5. Cody, you're next! AkiMaki, Ivana, whatever username you use, it doesn't matter. You're just such a fun person to talk to! Your unfailing kindness makes you so easy to chat with, and you're probably one of the easiest users to hold a conversation with. I know you're more active on Wattpad then GTQ, so I guess I should be more active on there :3
  6. RelevantNerdist, Connor, why did you have to leave so suddenly?? Not even sure we were friends, but every time we talked, you always made me laugh. I'm sure you thought you were offensive to many people on GTQ, but I always enjoyed your presence on here. Although come to think of it, your thread mostly had some pretty colorful language. Lol. I enjoyed talking with you, and well you already know my brutally honest opinion of you. So here's a shoutout to you.
  7. I'm going to give the rest of you guys an honorable mention. Sorry for not writing out a huge, heartfelt description.
  8. Mused Jade. I feel like we could be awesome friends, and you sort of remind me of me, or maybe it's the other way around. Come talk to me sometime!
  9. FluffyEtini. Your obsession with cats is kind of interesting, and you never cause drama, which is a nice change.
  10. Serge. You get some credit for being my first friend here. No idea where you disappeared to, though.
  11. RosyEclipse...Beth, you just made an account on here because I asked you to on Quotev. XD Love you, twin.
  12. And random shout out to that user who was the first person to take my first quiz. Whoever you are. Thanks for reading, guys. You're all seriously amazing.

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