Complicated Love Chapter 2

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Haha. So I'm really sorry for the late continuation. I suck with that. But please forgive. Me. And yes, this ime, it was alle writing it. Big shoutout to my sis, WTF_NINJA for getting me started. Love ya sis. :3

Haha. So I'm really sorry for the late continuation. I suck with that. But please forgive. Me. And yes, this ime, it was alle writing it. Big shoutout to my sis, WTF_NINJA for getting me started. Love ya sis. :3 now, if you did t take the first one, please do. And happy reading. :3

Created by: Ashl3y

  1. Matt took my hand. "Wanna go and just lay down under the stars?" he asked, a small smile forming onto his face. I gasped a little, when he squeezed my hand comfortingly. I nodded and he took me to a certain area, and gestured for me to lay down. "It's beautiful out here." I said, quietly. "Yeah.. It really is." He turned towards me. "You know what, Jessica?" Matt shifted so he faced me. "Hm?" I looked into his eyes. "I think I like this quiet time with us." He said, looking away a little shyly. I felt my breath hitch in my throat. I was just to happy. "I think I do too." I whispered. Suddenly, my phone vibrated, it being my mom telling me to come home. "You have to go?" Matt guessed. I nodded. "I'll walk you home." He said, getting up and helping me up to. Why is he such a gentlemen? I asked as he walked close to me.
  2. As we got to my house, Matt kissed my cheek. "Goodnight, dear." He whispered. I gasped a little. "Goodnight." I answered smiling. I walked inside my house. As soon as I walked in,my mom was already giving me grief. "Where on earth were you?" She said. "Relax mom." I sighed. "I was just hanging out with Matthew." I said. She just gave an odd look and dismissed the subject. Without being interrupted, I went up to my room.
  3. *****Time skip to next morning. x3***** I woke up to my phone buzzing insanely. I groaned as I answered. "What the hell do you want?" I said groggily. "Hey, it's me." I heard Matt's smooth voice say. I practically fell out of the bed. "I'm sorry.. I'm so tired and I just woke up and I thought you were my mom asking me to do something, I'm sorry..." I kept going on like that until I heard Matthew laughing. "What?" I asked, my cheeks flushing. "Nothing." He said. "You're just cute when you ramble like that." He finished. I almost died. He just said I sound cute. It took all my strength to not giggle and squeal like a little girl. "Oh. Well thanks." I said. "Yeah, but me and Trey are gonna hang out at the mall, you wanna join?" He asked. I thought about it for a second. Do I really want to be with Trey just so I can also be with Matthew? "Sure." I smiled. "Cool, I'll pick you up in 20?" He asked. "Sure, sounds good." I said. We said our goodbyes and I ran down the hallway and to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower. I made sure I smelt extra nice and searched my closet for a cute outfit. I decided to go with my red skinnies and a tight-ish black shirt and my red high tops. As soon as I got them on, I fixed my hair so it was nice and straight. I heard a knock on the door. Great, I didn't eat. I sighed and opened it.
  4. I opened the door to Matthew, wearing a tight white shirt and black jeans, that looked a little skinny. With it, he wore a pair of black vans. "Whoa." He and I said at the same time. "I'm sorry, did I dress to badly?" I asked, looking down. "No, you look amazing." He muttered, a small smile tugging onto his pink kissable lips. "Oh." I blushed. "You look pretty good to." I smiled. I looked down at my pants and shoes. It looked to much like a blur of red. "Uh, can you let me go change my shoes? They look weird with my pants." I said. Matthew looked down. "Not really, but do what you want, as long as you let me go with you." I smiled a little more and invited him inside. He followed me up to my room. I untied my shoe, and Matthew took off my other one. I got my black high tops instead and pulled one on, deciding to just tuck in my laces.
  5. His eyes raked over me and smiled. "Now come on. I hope you don't mind riding a motorcycle." Matthew hugged me. "I don't." I smiled. Then I realised that Trey would be there to. "Good. Now come on, we've got a long day ahead of us." He let me step in front of him so I could guide him downstairs. "Uh, can we swing by MacDonalds.. I didn't have time for breakfast." I looked down. Matt nodded. "Sure, dear. Trey was gonna be 30 minutes late anyway." we finally got outside. Matt handed me a helmut and I put it on. I got onto the motorcycle with him. "Hold on tight to me, ok?" he said. I nodded and wrapped my arms around his body tightly.
  6. He started it and began to drive. "You ok? You're being quiet.. And you're shaking." he said at a stoplight. "Just a little scared." i answered. He nodded. "Don't be scared. I won't hurt you." Matt reassured. I sighed and held onto his body tighter as the light turned green. I loved how close my body was to his and relaxed a little. Suddenly he stopped. "We're here." he helped me off, and took off my helmet for me. He draped his arm around me and lead me inside.
  7. Well, this time, this was all me. x3 I really thank WTF_NINJA for helping me write this. Love ya sis. x3
  8. Sorry about the late update. I do those. *guilty smile* But I'll try to get the next part out soon. :3
  9. Thanks for taking my quiz. Comment and rate pleasies. x3 (PS. If your gonna take any of my other series please do. It's under my name. x3)
  10. Byyyeee for now.

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