Which Fruit Are You?

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Everyone loves fruit! It's almost like a healthy dessert. Fruit can come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. Do you know what kind of fruit you are?

If you don't know what kind of fruit most closely resembles you, find out here! This short quiz will help you determine whether you're a good old apple, or maybe even just a pineapple. Good luck!

Created by: Stardust1
  1. Do you prefer bright colors, or dark?
  2. Are you tall or short?
  3. Be honest. Do you usually stand out from the crowd, or are you fairly basic?
  4. Describe your personality.
  5. Are you sweet?
  6. Are you popular?
  7. Are you an open book, or do you keep to yourself?
  8. Favorite color? And this time, this question is actually relevant.
  9. Fruit fate?
  10. Joke's on you. That last question did nothing. So, last question. How healthy are you?

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Quiz topic: Which Fruit am I?