How ridiculous are you?

Everyone's had that moment of feeling really stupid or crazy. But what are you like compared to others? Just how ridiculous do you act? You won't know until you take this quiz!

Ridiculous. A commonly used word. This quiz will test you on how crazy, silly, and fun you are. So enjoy! This quiz maker did when she made it. And also comment or rate at the end.

Created by: Stardust1

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  1. Have you ever raised your hand to shake hands with the other person, but was then ignored, leaving your hand just hanging in the air?
  2. Would you ever jump onto a chair in front of a lot of people and start singing your favorite song as loud as you can?
  3. What would you normally wear?
  4. Yo
  5. Which sounds better?
  6. Have you ever blurted out something and it accidently sounded really inappropriate?
  7. Do your irrational fears outnumber your rational ones?
  8. Which would you do?
  9. Have you ever tried to show someone something, then found you couldn't, then you're just standing there looking like you've lost you mind? How often does this happen?
  10. Would people consider you to be a redneck? (Likes doing insanely crazy things.)
  11. Would you ever throw on a fluffy, frilly, sparkly bright pink dress and then skip around in public?

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