How Ridiculous Are You

Sometimes life is too serious and we have to figure out why it is the way it is (without conspiracy theories or religion) so we make up ridiculous ideas and discuss them. I know we have all done it but how ridiculous are you? Remember, an interesting yet silly conversation only goes so far... but it is a heck of a lot of fun!

Want to know how complex your ridiculous yet creative labyrinth of a mind can go? Then take this easy and quick quiz and find out! Remember, you want to be honest because too much may not be a good thing and make sure you read the questions as there may be a phrase or two worded to test you attention.

Created by: Jennifer
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  1. Who would you rather have intimate relations with for just one night?
  2. Which answer intrigues you the most?
  3. Which movie have you seen recently? (If you have never seen any then which one do you know of the most).
  4. If you were or are hungry, which item sounds really good?
  5. Which answer should be a holiday we do not have to work and/or go to school?
  6. This is right or wrong... This quiz is stupid.
  7. Which song lyric makes you ponder? (Yes these are real songs lol)
  8. Why do the birds in the neighborhood only seem to like to poop on my car?
  9. If you had OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), which activity would you like to engage in?
  10. If you could bring one minor cartoon character to life, who would it be?

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