the most ridiculous quiz ever

this is basically a quiz about the inside jokes me and my friends have. i look forward to seeing if anyone else decides to take it and what they get, so if somehow this actually ends up in the "newest quizzes' thing(which none of my quizzes have, which kind of make me mad)

so... take a good look at the ?'s and if you actually know the answers, they should be pretty obvious, but seeing as there are probably 3 people on the planet who can do that, i suggest being intuitive and lucky

Created by: mgilby7841
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  1. cheesepuffs rule the world!!! (your response?)
  2. we're all so happy in poker-chip land! oh, no! what the heck is that!?
  3. why doesn't chris just ask vanessa out?
  4. does the world just hate me?
  5. OMG! Jacks here on a monday!!! and joe and sonny are on time!!!!
  7. complete this chain- todd, breadrock, and
  8. hey, gilby's mom is here
  9. the mighty grimblepin empire... need i say more?
  10. well, the quiz is almost over
  11. do you have any idea whats going on here?

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