Are you really from Ohio?

This is a pretty hard quiz about Ohio. History, football and general knowledge about the greatest state in the union are all represented here.I have to have lots of characters here. Unfortunately that means I have to BS for a while

I created this quiz because the other Ohio quiz was so lame. Now I have to fill about 100 more characters because this goofy quiz requires it. Seriously, its quite ridiculous

Created by: Rich
  1. Ohio doesn't fall into the Ohio River because...
  2. What does TBDBITL stand for?
  3. Where is the Neil Armstrong Museum?
  4. Jerry Springer was mayor of what city?
  5. What city was the first capital of Ohio?
  6. Which of the following presidents was NOT from Ohio?
  7. Which naval commander is honored by the monument on South Bass Island?
  8. What great lake is on Ohio's Northern border?
  9. What Indian Tribe DID NOT have a significant population in Ohio in the early 1800's?
  10. Cleveland is home to what Hall of Fame?
  11. Pro Football was founded in what city?
  12. What fortune 500 corporation is headquartered in Cincinnati?
  13. Who is the winningest coach in OSU history?
  14. Port Clinton, Ohio proclaims itself to be the world capital of fishing for what type of fish?
  15. What battleground near Toledo was the site of a significant battle between the Indian Tribes and White Settlers?
  16. Where are the Firelands?
  17. Which university is not a state supported university?
  18. What is OSU's mascot's name?

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Quiz topic: Am I really from Ohio?