How Ohio Are You?

Some states are mediocre, and some are just plain boring. But Not OHIO!!! Some of the funnest events happen here in this great state and it's up to you to test your knowledge in Ohio Trivia!

Think you could handle the pressure? How smart are you when it comes to the 17th state. What Kinda of random facts have you stored in your brain about our little heart shaped state. Well take a minute to test your knowledge.

Created by: Katharine
  1. There are three cities in Ohio with well known football teams. Name them
  2. If your a true Ohioian, you know how many years in a row Cedar Point has been the number one Amusement Park in the Country!
  3. When someone mentions Miami you think?
  4. When it comes to beer, you've heard of...
  5. What are the serpent mounds?
  6. Cuyahoga, Olentangy, Bellefontaine, Wapakoneta: Pronounce Them!!!
  7. What kind of game is being played when the Mud Hens take on the Clippers?
  8. A Buckeye is?
  9. You KNOW you are from Ohio when your weekly Friday night activity was spent:
  10. Drink of choice is?
  11. Who are the worst drivers?
  12. What does "Knee High By The 4th Of July Stand" for???
  13. When somebody screams O-H.... You yell back
  14. When your traveling somewhere, your always matter which direction your going?
  15. Lake effect snow happens where?
  16. When you turn the ripe old age of 19, which event do you take part in as a right of passage?
  17. Ohio is:
  18. True or False: Every Ohioian knows a city to travel to, to see Amish?
  19. What is the official state ROCK song?
  20. Dresdan Ohio is home to the world's largest what?
  21. The ohio State flag is in the shape of a what?

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Quiz topic: How Ohio am I?