Ohio State Fan test

This is a quiz intended to see how much you know regarding the lighter side of Ohio State football. Pick answers that you feel are from the heart and you truly believe. There are no wrong answers, just better ones! LOL

Do you have what it takes to be a Heisman winner? Do you have the fire in the eyes? Do you know what buckeyes fans really do? Then after this quiz you will see where you stand!

Created by: Conrad Cosey

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  1. Who is the current coach of the Ohio state buckeyes
  2. Who was Thomas Worthington's most famous Buckeye?
  3. What is the official sport for Buckeye Fans?
  4. Who is the worst cornhole partner?
  5. What are buckeyes fans known for?
  6. Who was Ohio State's most prominant lockdown cornerback?
  7. Which Ohio State football player was trying to "make it rain" at Pure Platinum but was passing around fake money?
  8. What is the correct order for Conrad as he prepares for an OSU football game?
  9. Who is called "1st team" and is argubaly the greatest beer pong team ever created?
  10. Who is the most famous Ohio State football player Delon had to try and tackle, but ended up getting ran over and dragged?
  11. Who was the greatest QB in Ohio State's history?
  12. Who was the best player on the 2002 National Championship team?

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